4 Tips for Family Game Night

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Spending time with your little ones as they grow is incredibly vital. One of the best ways to connect and see their little minds grow is to have weekly family game nights. It gets everyone laughing, and opens up the door for conversations you may have never had if everyone was just watching T.V. It’s not hard to start planning your family game night. Here are the 4 key points to remember when planning your game night.

  1. Choose an Activity that Everyone Enjoys: Everyone is at different ages and has different interests. It’s important to find games to do that all ages are able to get involved with. A complex board game that will take several hours to finish isn’t a good idea for a 5 year old. Meet them where they are at, and play games that they understand and are finished in half an hour. If the kids go rogue and start making up their own rules to the game, don’t stop them. The night is about having fun, and not about the technical rules. Whatever gets them laughing and playing is the best game.
  2. Doesn’t Have to Be at Night: Just because it’s typically called family game night, you don’t have to wait until it gets dark to have fun. It’s more about taking time out of the week to devote to playing with your kids. Saturday mornings can be a great time for games and slowing down to play with the kids. No matter what you are doing that day, you can make any task into a game. Use a little creativity to inspire them, and see how fast they can fold their clothes and put them away. Play the floor is lava to get them off the carpet so you can vacuum. By transforming the boring chores into something fun, every day can be game day.
  3. Serve Easy Food: When you are having game night, you don’t want one parent stuck in the kitchen preparing dinner. The point is to spend as much time with the kids as possible. Serve easy meals that don’t demand much attention. That doesn’t mean that you have to eat unhealthily. You can have crockpot dinners ready to go, to quickly serve everyone a hearty meal that is good for them too. You can give the kids a few options of what to eat so that they can be apart of the process, too. If they like what is for dinner, they’ll eat more of it. You can add vegetables and fruits to the main dish for a delicious and healthy dinner. Pizza nights every now and then are great fun too.
  4. Get Out of the House: Don’t limit yourself to indoor games; take the fun outside when you can! Play a game of dodgeball, or toss a ball back and forth. You can even pack a picnic and take a board game with you to play outside while you enjoy the scenery. The fresh air, green grass, and exercise will do wonders for the whole family.

No matter what games you play, the best part is spending those precious times with the family. These game nights are all about making memories and forming deeper connections with your children that will grow your relationship even further. Go outside or stay indoors and get your game on!

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