What To Put in the Perfect Care Package

As you get older, the people that you love are taken in many different directions across the globe. It can be hard missing your friend, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t show that you care. You can also use these tips for creating a care package for military personnel overseas, homeless [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Playing Golf

Etiquette and integrity are intertwined in the game of golf. If you are a newbie, then it can appear to be a snobby list of unwritten rules. In actuality, the code of ethics is there to provide a fair and fun game for everyone. There’s a certain touch of class that comes along with the […]

7 Tips For Caring For Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron pots and pans have been around for centuries. If they are cared for properly, they can last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. You can prepare any dish that you can think of in a cast iron pot or pan, but you don’t treat them the same way you […]

Coffee Alternatives That Will Wake You Up

The first thing that you do in the morning is walk into the kitchen to find your perfect cup of Joe. You tell yourself that you can’t think like a real person until you’ve finished your cup or two of brew, but that’s not true. There are other ways to wake up your brain and […]

The Best Way to Clean Out Your Refrigerator

We clean our kitchens from top to bottom often. The countertops are wiped down, the dishes are cleaned, and the stovetop is scrubbed—but what about the place that stores our food? Once the fridge doors are closed, we typically forget to look inside to see if it is clean. Odds are, it’s been a [...]

7 Classic Books That Everyone Needs To Read

As the weather gets colder, it gets more difficult to spend time outside. Keep your mind active by reading instead of watching show after show. A great place to start reading is with the classics. You know that you’ll get a fascinating story that will keep you captivated, and you’ll begin to [...]