Best New Children’s Books of 2018

Reading always has, and always will be, one of the best ways to travel and visit other places without leaving the couch. You can learn so much about different locations, history, and personal development all from books. Engage your child’s mind by giving them new books that they want to read to [...]

Pros and Cons Of A Personal Apartment Garage

You’ve found your dream apartment in an ideal location. Now you have to think about all of the other little details about living. Parking is always a hassle, and you want a guaranteed spot. You’re settling in, and you’re considering upgrading to a personal garage. There are plenty of benefits [...]

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Pollution and carbon emissions are plaguing our environment everywhere we look. As the industrial revolution exploded, businesses and scientists took little time to evaluate the impact that these new inventions would have on our earth. You can be a big help to the planet by reducing your [...]

Upgrading Your Spring Wardrobe

This spring, the look is very light and airy, from the makeup down to the shoes. Nothing has harsh lines this season. Makeup is about a natural glow with a splash of color, and same goes for the clothes. It’s all about finding naturally comfortable clothes, but adding in a statement piece. [...]

6 Reasons to Get Excited For Spring

It’s been a long, cold winter, and the cold weather is trying to hang on. Luckily, Spring is breaking through and we are finally starting to warm up and thaw out! The snow can be beautiful, but the Spring weather and flowers are much more forgiving for planning fun activities or just enjoying [...]

What To Wear On a First/Blind Date

Dating can be exciting and daunting. One of the biggest struggles is to know what to wear on your first date. You want to find something that is comfortable, attractive, and speaks true to who you are. Be stress free by being a little more carefree. You want to keep things casual, while feeling [...]

Easy Spring Crafts to Spruce Up Your Apartment

Spring is around the corner, and you’re ready for a new look. Take a break from all of the Spring cleaning to add design to your home with fun DIY projects. All of these crafts are simple that will fit nicely in any apartment. Save some money on redecorating, and let your creative juices flow. [...]

Tips for Living With A Roommate

It can be wonderful living with a roommate–but it can also be a nightmare. When you move in with someone new, you need to establish some clear expectations so that lines don’t get crossed. It’s great to save money on the rent and to have a constant companion at home, but things can get [...]