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Stuck babysitting over the holidays and have no idea what to do? If you’re tired of the same movie-watching or video game-filled nights with the youngsters, then it’s time to come up with some more exciting babysitting activities while the ‘rents are gone. Here are some great ideas for babysitting fun:

  1.     Indoor kid-friendly yoga– Have the kids let off steam and clear their minds with a little yoga! Try simple, kid-friendly poses and lead a mini yoga class in the living room. See who can hold the pose the longest or just have some fun and see how flexible everyone can be!
  2.     Picnic– Have a picnic in the backyard or right in the living room! Have each child pick out their own recipe and bring it to the picnic. The recipes can be as simple as lemonade, sandwiches, or peanut butter crackers. Help the kids pack up plastic cutlery, plates, napkins, and anything else you might need. Once everything is assembled, take it to the picnic blanket and enjoy!
  3.     Make collages– Create something special that the kids can give to their parents. For this activity, everyone make a collage of their favorite things, people, or words. This is best suited for older children, as they’ll need to use scissors. Have everyone glue the collages together and then surprise Mom and Dad with the finished result! It’s a nice personalized gift from each child, and they’ll have fun making it, too.
  4.     Board games– It seems like when we were kids, board games were a go-to source of fun. Now, technology has taken precedence! Bring back the old favorites like Clue, Trouble, or Sorry! and see how the kids feel about our childhood favorites.
  5.     Fun with balloons– It may not be a good idea to play with a soccer ball in the house, but it’s usually a pretty safe bet to play with balloons! This should be done in an open area away from breakable items. Play soccer, relay games, or “keep it afloat” with the balloons. Use items from around the house to create makeshift games like bowling or kickball.
  6.     Have a spa day– Set up your own “salon” by offering fun hairstyles or painting nails. Treat the kids to a night of relaxation and fun in a way they’ve never had before!
  7.     Bake something– Most of us have fond memories of helping to bake cookies when we were kids. Why not try hosting a mini baking class yourself? You can have the kids form an assembly line and learn how to put the ingredients together, one by one. Not only is it a great learning opportunity, but the kids will squeal in excitement as they watch their creation come to life! (Plus, you get to eat whatever you make.)

Spending the night babysitting for another family doesn’t have to mean hours spent on the couch or in front of the TV. There are plenty of ways to have fun and keep the kids interested and busy! Just try any of these fun babysitting activities and see for yourself!

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