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Watching your favorite movies and shows has never been easier with instant, online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Believe it or not, it’s been two decades since the leader in on-demand media streaming service, Netflix, was founded. Now, there are dozens of services just like it that do just about the same thing—or do they? Let’s see how the competition stacks up.


Netflix remains an industry leader in on-demand entertainment, and for good reason. A subscription to Netflix costs just $8 per month, and offers unlimited access to thousands of titles. Members can also register up to six different devices on their account, and be watching up to four movies and shows at a time, making it a great option for families. Netflix is known for its huge variety of titles, and has plans to grow their library even more. They’re rolling out a ton of Netflix Originals, and have plans to make half of their library comprised of Originals.


Hulu is another great option for a streaming service if you’re craving your favorite cable TV shows but never have the time to catch them when they air. New episodes are added the day after they air, and current and previous seasons are available to stream as well. Like Netflix, Hulu costs $8 per month, but there’s one drawback—Hulu members still have to sit through frequent commercials. They may be shorter commercials, but they’re commercials nonetheless.


What does an HBO subscription get you? Well, if you’re already a paying customer of HBO from cable or satellite package, then you get HBO GO. For everyone else, there’s HBO NOW. Both streaming options give you access to the same titles you would be able to see on cable. The one main drawback to HBO’s streaming services is the price—at $14.99 per month, it’s the most expensive option so far. HBO also doesn’t offer the same breadth of variety that comes standard with other streaming services, because it’s limited by the content provided by the actual cable channel.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members get to enjoy access to thousands of titles as part of their membership, though access to Amazon Video costs Prime members an additional $10.99 per month. They do offer a 30 day free trial which may be beneficial to members who aren’t sure how often they’d use the service. Like Netflix, Amazon offers their own Prime Original titles, and their library is expanding all the time. There is also a free section on the site as well, making it easily accessible for non-members.

Deciding between media streaming services seems difficult at first, but really, each service has its own purpose, pros, and cons. Interested in cable TV? Maybe HBO is for you. Want to watch older seasons of the Office? Netflix is calling your name. Already have a Prime membership? Try upgrading your membership to include Amazon Prime Video. Happy watching!


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