Upgrading Your Spring Wardrobe

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This spring, the look is very light and airy, from the makeup down to the shoes. Nothing has harsh lines this season. Makeup is about a natural glow with a splash of color, and same goes for the clothes. It’s all about finding naturally comfortable clothes, but adding in a statement piece.

Pattern Skirts

You’re going to see lots of pattern skirts this spring, paired with flowy neutral tops. Spring is all about a fresh start, and this year, it’s all about floral patterns. Don’t be afraid of color, either, as long as you tone it down with your other accessories. Try pairing your floral or pattern skirt with a pastel or a neutral-colored top, and letting your pattern skirt be the center of attention.

Lace Blouse

Lace is coming back in full force. This isn’t your grandmother’s lace, either; it’s form-fitting and sexy. It’s a way to be completely covered with just a peak at the skin underneath. The opaque parts give it a nice geometric cut, and the lace adds a feminine softness. It’s the best of both worlds!

Flowy pants

Spring is about relaxing, and you should show off your cool demeanor with your relaxed style. Forget about restricting skinny jeans and stifling leggings–throw on some breezy pants to keep you cool during the warm spring days. The movement of the fabric also gives you a laid-back look that’s perfect for a stroll through the park.

Floral Dress

That perfectly fitting floral dress is what you need to complete your spring wardrobe. A bright floral print tells everyone that you are ready for spring to be here. You’ll match all of the natural beauty around you. It’s a fun way to express yourself. You can go for small repetitive patterns or a big bright splash of color across the fabric. Let the dress come to your knees and flow away from the body to fit in with the flowy and relaxed look that is dominating this season.

Polka dots and stripes

Do a throwback with a fun polka dot pattern. Go with the classic navy and white dots, or have a fresh look with a pastel background and a white dot. Stripes are also coming back for the nautical look. It’s time to be out and around the water, which naturally makes stripes come out to play. Choose one article of clothing to have the pattern, and the other ones can be a lace or a neutral color to let them pattern shine.

Jean Jackets

It’s spring, but it still has that chill in the morning and evenings. Keep warm with a classic jean jacket. Find a perfectly tailored jacket that hits you right at the hip to wear with shorts, dresses, those flowy pants, and skirts. It’s the perfect tagalong to any outfit. This year, you can even do jean on jean. The Kardashians and Polo are leading the way on this jean-everything look.


Along with the lace, ruffles are big this year. Off the shoulder ruffles with eyelet lace is all the rage. Tiered sleeves and ruffles down the arms are what you are looking for. Play up this fun look by pairing it with the pattern skirt.

Mix and match your new pieces to create a new, fresh look for spring. Spring is about bright colors, comfortable clothes, and making a statement. Keep things easy and flowy for a light-hearted, natural look that’s sure to turn heads.

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