6 Reasons to Get Excited For Spring

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It’s been a long, cold winter, and the cold weather is trying to hang on. Luckily, Spring is breaking through and we are finally starting to warm up and thaw out! The snow can be beautiful, but the Spring weather and flowers are much more forgiving for planning fun activities or just enjoying mother nature. If you’re struggling through your allergies right now, take a second to remember why Spring brings us all so much joy.

  1. Longer Days: Winter has ended, and with the warmer weather, we also get longer daylight hours. It’s wonderful to wake up naturally with the daybreak, enjoy the sunrise on the way to work, and then when you leave work, it’s still sunny! There are still the same number of hours in the day, but it makes it feel like you can accomplish more with the longer daylight hours. The best part is that the days keep getting longer and longer every day. Now you can take that evening bike ride, or go for a walk and not worry about visibility.
  2. Outdoor Activities: The weather is just right, and it doesn’t make sense to stay indoors. Everyone wants to get outside no matter what they are doing. You can have a picnic outside, take your exercise routine outside, read a book on the patio, or even go for a swim if it’s warm enough. When you go outside, you’re more likely to start moving around, which makes you feel better through the day and sleep better at night. Not to mention, by moving more, it’s easier to keep the pounds off. Getting outdoors is one the number one natural stress reducer. By taking time to feel the grass under our feet and listen to the birds in the trees, we relax our minds and take things a little slower.
  3. Beautiful Blooms: It goes without saying that Spring is one of the best times of year to see the world come alive in beautiful color. The trees, gardens, and fields begin to bloom and show off their best flowers. It’s easy to fall in love with Spring when there is so much natural beauty to admire.
  4. Festivals: Not only is it a wonderful time to go outside, it’s also a hot season for festivals. Everyone wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery, so many people plan their festival trips in Spring. You can find fun Spring events like wine festivals, beer festivals, garden festivals, concerts, and more happening all around you. There’s no reason to be bored on the weekends. There’s always something going on outside during the Spring months!
  5. Vitamin D: Now that we have more daylight hours, we also have more time in the sun. The weather is warm, so we start to peel back the layers of clothing, and let the sun hit our skin making us feel warm inside and out. When the sun’s rays hit our skin, our body produces Vitamin D, which is excellent for a host of things. One of the number one things benefits of Vitamin D is that it’s a natural mood booster. You can find happier people all around you now that the sun is at work! Of course, too much of anything is a bad thing. You can still get the sun’s Vitamin D effects without the sunburn by applying a sunscreen that has UVA and UVB protection.
  6. Sports: It can be a long few months after the football season ends. Yes there’s March madness, but it doesn’t bring with it the same kind of enthusiasm as football and baseball. Spring is here and football practice starts again, and baseball is in full swing. There’s nothing better than a warm spring day out at the baseball field with some peanuts and a hotdog. It doesn’t get more American than that.

Soon enough, Spring will come and go, and then we’ll have our hot summer days ahead of us. Take advantage of all of the beautiful weather days that you can and plan outdoor trips with the whole family. Go hiking or fishing with the kids, or plan a few lazy afternoons under a tree with a picnic and a book. Spring is one of the best times of year, and there are so many reasons to embrace it!

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