Unpacking and Getting Settled in Your New Place

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Moving into a new place is exciting. It gives you the chance to put your stamp on a new home. You get to explore the area surrounding your new apartment. And, hopefully, you make new friends as you get to know your neighbors.

But it’s also a lot of work. You need to set up your utilities. You may have to go shopping for some items you need for your new place. And, of course, you may need to pack up your stuff from your previous residence and move it to your new apartment – and then unpack it all.

You may be tempted to put off unpacking and live out of boxes, but don’t let it happen. Use these tips, and unpacking will go smoothly.

  • Pack Correctly: Perhaps the most crucial part of unpacking is the packing you do before the move. You want to make sure that you’ve gotten rid of things you no longer want or need so that they don’t come to your new place. You want to box up things safely, so there is no damage when moving. You want to place things in the correct boxes, as this will make sure they are placed in the correct rooms when you unpack. And, make sure your boxes are clearly labeled.
  • Unpack the Kids First: If you have children, you will want to unpack them first. This will help them feel settled in their new place as they will have access to their things. Additionally, this gives them things to play with and allows you time to unpack other areas of the house without having to entertain them.
  • Create a Schedule for Unpacking and Set Some Deadlines: Most likely, you are still going to be working and carrying on with your daily activities, all while unpacking. Creating a schedule and setting some deadlines can help keep you focused and on task. Establish a calendar and set some concrete times for unpacking certain things so you can avoid procrastinating.
  • Start with the Essentials: Once the boxes arrive, decide what items you need immediately and start there. (Be sure you’ve clearly marked these things when packing.) You may need bedding, towels, toiletries and medicine, clothes, and items for your kitchen. Once the essentials are unpacked, you can move onto the rest.
  • Don’t Do It All at Once: Unpacking is not a task that most people enjoy – so don’t do it all at once. Doing it all at once will only lead to burnout. 
  • Make It Fun: If you can have some fun while unpacking – do so! Do you have friends who might help? Music playing? A movie on the television? Anything to add a little levity to the process will make it easier.
  • Take Some Breaks: Schedule some breaks while unpacking. Order in food. Go for a walk. Grab some ice cream. These breaks will help give you some energy to continue and focus on the task at hand.
  • Take All the Help You Can Get It: If anyone offers to help – take it! And, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, too. You might be surprised and find a few good friends who can spare a few hours to unpack.
  • Clear the Boxes as You Go: Be sure you are clearing the boxes as you go. This will help keep the clutter to a minimum, and you will see how much you are actually accomplishing.
  • Remember the Goal: Don’t forget your goal – to get settled and enjoy your new place. This will help keep you motivated to get the unpacking completed as soon as possible.

If you’re moving, you may think that packing is a huge chore – but unpacking is, too. With some careful planning, a little extra help, and some motivation to get it done, you’ll soon be loving your new place!

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