UGH! My Apartment’s A Mess!

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Remember what it used to smell like when mom would make her famous chili while watching football on Sunday? Or maybe you have vivid recollections of the smell of freshly dried linens after a day out in the sun. Whatever it is that warms your senses, just imagine what it would be like to be around those scents now that you have a place all your own.

If your home doesn’t smell as nice as the one you grew up in, there here are some tips for making your apartment smell good.

Light Up Your Senses With Candles 

If you find yourself walking out of a candle store spending way more than you ever intended to, you aren’t alone. There is something incredibly warming about walking into a candle store that has countless scents that make you feel at warm inside. So while you may look at the total price you pay for premium candles and wonder if it’s worth it, you’ll have your answer the moment you get home and light one up. Or if your budget is a consideration, then instead go with incense. These are less expensive options that will still make your apartment smell great.

Scented-CandleAvoid Overpowering Bad Odors

Why is it that you may want to consider premium candles over those that you find on discount at the store? That’s because there is often a true reason for why premium candles cost more, that being because they smell much better. Avoid getting a discounted candle and thinking that it will make your apartment smell good, as instead overpowering bad odors will make you never want to spend your time at home.

Another bad scent that you’ll want to avoid is smoking. If you’ve been searching for a reason to quit smoking and your health isn’t enough, then think about how your habits are scaring other people away. Cigarette smoke is not only foul, but it’s also inconsiderate if you have guests.

Improve Your Cooking Skills

There is nothing like the smell of mom’s favorite recipes. But if your cooking isn’t up to par, then think about how your poor skills might be making the house smell. Getting the smell of smoke out of walls is difficult, so avoid overcooking or burning your food. In addition, properly cooked food will help you keep your home smelling great on those cold winter days.

Keep Your Apartment Clean

Finally, be sure that your apartment is clean. If you let trash pile up without taking it out regularly, then your apartment will quickly begin to smell. Also be sure to vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets that shed hair that gets caught in the carpet. A clean apartment is a good smelling apartment, which is why you should take the time to keep things as cleanly as possible.

You want your apartment to be a place that you enjoy being at. And if you are someone that loves hosting, then you’ll also want to ensure that your apartment is enjoyable for others as well. But if it smells, that’s not going to be the case. Therefore, consider the tips here for making your apartment smell good.

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