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If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, then you might have a bunch of rugrats running around inside. And while having the kids at home can be enjoyable at times, all that pent up energy that comes with a rainy day can be difficult to handle.

Luckily, there is plenty that you can do inside on rainy days as well. Here is a look as some of the best rainy day activities for kids that you can do today.

Decorate Your Home

Everywhere that you look around your home, there is a chance to make something new. And when the rain is pouring outside, there’s no better time to start decorating your home. Bring out the crayons and glitter, and start decorating your apartment for a completely new look. Some cute and creative decorations you can make include:

  • Paper flowers to add a spring feel to a living space.
  • Refinish old furniture with creative new decorations.
  • Paint a room a new color.

There are so many creative different projects around your home that can be turned into rainy day activities. Start with the ideas suggested here, and you never know what more you might come up with while decorating your home.

Kid-Playing-GuitarLearn Something New

Even though your kids may not be eager to sit down and learn something while it’s raining outside, there are actually a lot of opportunities to turn this into a fun experience. With videos on YouTube, apps on your smartphone, and other fun learning opportunities, your children will be equally as entertained as they are educated.

Put On A Performance

If your kids have a lot of energy to blow off, then have them dress up and put on a performance. The great part about this rainy day activity is that it allows the kids to come up with something creative on their own. It also promotes fairness and creativity, as the kids have to divvy up the lines in the performance equally amongst each other. All-in-all, making a play is a great way for kids to spend a rainy day.

Make Your Own Play Dough

Making your own Play Dough can be messy, but it makes for a long activity that has rewarding future benefits. To make Play Dough, have the kids gather all of the items that they need and then let them start the creation process on their own as you overlook things. Once the Play Dough is finished, then you’ll have something that the kids can play with all of the time in the future.

Fort Fun

Finally, our favorite choice is to make Fort Fun in your home. Fort Fun might just be a blanket strung across some chairs and sofas, or it could be a bunch of paper towel rolls put together to make an entire structure. Whatever it may be, building a fort is a fun activity, and then you and your kids can do a ton of things inside as well. This is a classic activity that is still a lot of fun on rainy days.

The kids may love being outside during the spring, but the weather isn’t always guaranteed to be as accommodating. To ensure that your children don’t go stir crazy while inside, consider the list of rainy day activities mentioned here.

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