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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

It is no surprise that a man who was one of the greatest creators in history and so full of imagination thought that books were a treasure worth more than gold.

And, perhaps, you’re like Walt Disney – always getting lost in the pages of a book, constantly searching for your next book. If so, you’re in luck because there are tons of resources online where people share their favorite books and reviews – even on Instagram. 

If you love to spend a few minutes each day scrolling through Instagram, check out these accounts, which have a focus on books.

  • @readwithkat: Kat has over 25,000 followers and dreams of one day opening her own bookstore. She shares pictures of what she’s reading – along with a few words about the book and whether she liked it or not. It’s a great account to go to for recommendations.
  • @bookbento: Book Bento deems itself as “book recommendations with a side of stuff” – and it’s the perfect combination – especially if you like to give books as gifts. The “sides of stuff” seem to match up perfectly with the books – plus the photos are great!
  • @readingbringsjoy: The name of this Instagram account says it all! Rachael is the woman behind this account, and she shares all sorts of things related to books – from the books she’s reading currently to why reading is good for your brain. She even shares when she’s experiencing a lull in her reading – and why. She has over 65,000 followers for a reason, and you’re going to love checking out her books.
  • @foldedpagedistillery: This account has great images and even better reviews! Hikari gives some fantastic information related to the books she’s reading, including her thoughts about what she’s read. And, she provides a great synopsis – so you can decide if this is a book that interests you!
  • @thisgirlhasnOname: Over 12,000 people follow this Instagram account to see what fiction books this Welsh woman is reading. She has a specific highlight button for reviews – so be sure to take a look at that if you need a new book.
  • @mentallybooked: All you need to do is take a quick look at this Instagram account to know that Taryn is a book fanatic! Her shelves are chocked full of books, and she shares so many great recommendations that you’ll find your “To Read” list grows exponentially after visiting her Instagram.
  • @readitforward: Abbe and Emma are the women who run Read It Forward, and they “have an obsession with authors, stories, and the readers who love them.” They share not only books but fun quizzes like this one that will help you choose a new book when you have no idea what you want to read next. 
  • @perpetualpages: Angela lives in Oklahoma, and she reads a LOT!!! She takes some really cozy pictures, and you’ll want to check out all of the books she’s read.
  • @nytbooks: There may be no bigger authority on books than the New York Times – so it only makes sense that they have an Instagram page. From bestsellers to “books to watch for” – there is an endless amount of inspiration on their social media.
  • @subwaybookreview: Subway Book Review is great because it gives your average reader a chance to share what they’re reading at the moment. All pictures are taken in New York City on the…you guessed it – subway! It’s an interesting look at what people are reading.

If you’re a book lover, you need to give these Instagram accounts a follow. You’ll love what they have to share – and maybe they’ll inspire you to create your own Instagram account that’s focused on books!

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