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Do you have a room that you’re just not sure what to do with? It could be a playroom. Or, perhaps a home office. Then again, maybe it should be a guest room.

guest room designIf you have friends and family who come to visit often and need a place to stay, a guest room will be greatly appreciated. Use these tips to create a fabulous guest room that will have your friends and family wanting to stay with you all of the time.  

Make Sure the Mattress is Comfortable

When guests stay with you, you want to make sure they will sleep well. The key to this is to have a comfortable mattress for them. You don’t have to buy an extremely expensive mattress as it won’t be used every night, but do make sure it’s comfortable and not extremely hard or soft.

Have Great Bedding

The linens you choose should also be of good quality. Sheets with a high thread count, a duvet, and soft blankets will all help create a welcoming atmosphere in your spare bedroom.

Make it Tranquil

Your guest bedroom should be a relaxing space. Think about bedding that instills calmness. This may mean more neutral colors or a pattern that is not so “loud.” Perhaps add a sound machine to help guests fall asleep at night. Anything that will make the room tranquil.

Leave Books or Magazines

If you have some extra books or magazines, leave a few in the guest room. This is a nice touch.

A Clock is a Must

Yes, people have phones and watches, but make sure your guest room has a clock. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that can be read easily should they wake up in the middle of the night.

Extra Blankets

While you may find the temperature of your home to be perfectly comfortable, some guests may find it a bit cold. Leave a few extra blankets in your guest room so that people can pile on some more if they need bedding that is a bit warmer. 

Definitely a Mirror

You may find that your guests use the spare room to get ready while staying with you. Be sure you have a mirror so they can check their appearance, put on a little makeup or brush their hair before coming out to see you.

Leave Them Some Necessities

Don’t you love it when you go to a hotel and find some great shampoo and conditioner? Do the same for your guest. Make a little welcome bag that has some of the same extras they may find in a hotel. A couple of bottles of water and a snack or two are also great things to include in this bag.

Luggage Rack

If you don’t have a dresser for them in the guest room, consider buying a luggage rack. Available for less than $35, this will help get their luggage off the ground and make it easier for them to navigate their suitcase if they need to leave clothing in it. 

Extra Hangers

If there’s a closet in the spare room (and room for your guests to hang things in it), leave some extra hangers for them. 

Chair for Sitting

Depending on how much space your guest room has, a chair is a great addition. Perfect for reading in at night or for sitting in as guests tie their shoes, a comfortable chair could be the finishing touch on your new guest room.

Are you ready to start converting your spare room into the perfect guest room? There’s no time like the present to get this space ready for future guests. They’ll appreciate all of the thought and effort you put into this room when they come to stay with you.

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