5 Cool Attractions in New Jersey

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There’s a quote that says, “It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” This quote has inspired people to seek new adventures and travel across the world. But, have you ever felt like you’ve heard about places in your own state, yet you haven’t visited them yet? You probably have.

New Jersey AttractionsIf you’re looking to explore New Jersey, there are lots of great attractions you could visit. In fact, you might even find it fun to play tourist in the very state in which you live. Here are some cool attractions that you may (or may not) have heard of that could make for some fun destinations or day trips.

Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine

Located in Ogdensburg, Sterling Hill Mine was once a thriving zinc mining operation. It is now home to a cool mining museum where you can go into the mine, see blasting demonstrations, and see their famous fluorescent rocks. When the black lights go on you will see an amazing rainbow of fluorescent colors that you surely won’t forget. This is a walking tour so be sure to wear good walking shoes and remember to bring a coat because it’s always cool inside the mine.

Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture bills itself as a “different kind of museum” and it sure is. This is a 42-acre sculpture park that was created by J. Seward Johnson II. This museum is home to many contemporary sculptures (that are often large or oversized) along with gorgeous gardens and animals that stroll the grounds. You will find over 300 pieces of art, and the museum welcomes you to take photos or videos for personal use. Be sure to look for sculptures of some very famous Impressionist paintings.


With over 8 miles of track, when you visit Northlandz you can see the world’s largest model railroad. There is also a train ride for both kids and adults, and numerous exhibits. What started as a basement hobby has now grown into a unique museum. Now with a collection of over 300 dolls on display, along with a large pipe organ where the museum’s founder gives a concert every day, Northlandz is definitely a one-of-a-kind destination.

South Mountain Fairy Trail

What if you could take a walk in the woods and find some unexpected surprises along the way? You can do just that when you walk the 1-mile loop of the South Mountain Fairy Trail. When you walk this loop, you will see magical fairy houses that were created and placed there by a New Jersey teacher starting in 2011. This is a great little trail to explore with children who will love the whimsy of the little fairy homes.

Thomas Edison’s Concrete Houses

Thomas Edison is probably America’s most famous inventor. He dedicated his life to trying to design things that would make life better and filed many patents during his lifetime. He even filed a patent to build homes made out of cast-in-place concrete. Yes, concrete homes. While this was not a successful idea for Edison, you can see several examples of them still in New Jersey. The best-kept one is located at 303 North Mountain Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey. (There is no website. You just have to go check it out.)

New Jersey is home to all sorts of cool and unique attractions if you seek them out. What off-the-beaten-path attractions have you visited in New Jersey? Share them in the comments so others can check them out, too!

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