Easy Spring Crafts to Spruce Up Your Apartment

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Spring is around the corner, and you’re ready for a new look. Take a break from all of the Spring cleaning to add design to your home with fun DIY projects. All of these crafts are simple that will fit nicely in any apartment. Save some money on redecorating, and let your creative juices flow.

  1. Gold Leaf Throw Pillows: Everyone loves a little sparkle to the room. Especially when you can customize the design to match your decor. Throw pillows are a cheap, and fun way to update your living room. Buy swatches of canvas in the color of your choice. Then, tape off the design that you want displayed. Apply the adhesive, and then lay the gold leaf over the fabric. Read your gold leaf instructions to see about drying time. Peel up the remaining gold leaf, and remove the tape. Close up three sides of your fabric and insert stuffing or a filler pillow. You can close up the fourth side by sewing it shut, adding a zipper, or having an added flap for an envelope fold. These pillows are beautiful, but they don’t hold up well under high wear and tear. Place them in less frequently used chairs, or move them out of the way when you go sit on the couch. These also make excellent accent pieces for the bed.
  2. Modernize Old Furniture: You inherited your grandmother’s old nightstands, but they don’t go with your style. The good news is that retro throwbacks and rustic chic is in right now. Transform the dated furniture piece into something you love with a little chalk paint and new hardware.

Sand off any existing paint or varnish to expose the wood underneath. Some paints don’t require this step. Read your instructions carefully before starting. Paint the furniture with your choice of chalk paint. It’ll take a few coats of paint to get full coverage. After it dries, sand the piece by hand to distress it for a weathered look. Then, wipe it with a clean dry cloth and seal with a coat of wax. It takes about 3 weeks for the wax to fully dry, so be careful with your piece during this time.

While it’s drying, you can choose new hardware piece to add the modern touch of class. Buy fun knobs and handles to let your personality shine. Make sure to measure the drawer width to get a screw that is long enough to secure on the inside.

  1. Shiplap Headboard: Shiplap is reclaimed wood that already has the character and stains from previous use. Join your shiplap together in horizontal strips to fit above your bed. Stagger the boards for an interesting design, or keep them all in line. Have all of the boards begin and end at the edge of your bed for a clean look. You can stain, paint, or distress your boards however you want before you attach them to the wall. Secure the wood to studs behind the wall with nails or screws. These will be too heavy for regular sheetrock to hold up.
  2. Crate End Tables: Find an old wooden crate that needs some love. You can paint or stain it the color that you want. Wrap the handles in twine, hemp, or string, and secure with hot glue. After your crate is dry and wrapped, then decide where it is going to go, so you know which side to put the legs on. Screw the legs into the table. Hairpin legs are a modern twist, but you can choose whichever legs you like to add on to your new end table.

Little touches are what make the room complete. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to make the space seem like new. Nothing says Spring like new touches to the room and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. All of these crafts are fun to do with friends. Get some wine, go outside, and make a day of crafting away.

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