How to Baby Proof (or Child Proof) Your Apartment/Living Space

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Kids are fantastic. They are miniature, little balls of energy that are so full of life. Everything the see is interesting and new and they want to learn everything about it. It’s excellent for their little minds, but not always the best thing for their health. Keep the kids in your apartment safe by going through these simple steps to make it a baby proof area.

  1. Move Breakable/Valuables: Kids are curious, and they don’t mean any harm, but they can be very destructive as they move through the house. They don’t identify value and sentimental meaning to things yet. Everything looks like a toy to them, which is why it’s important to move breakable and valuable items to a top shelf, or to remove them altogether. Tuck the things that you want to keep safe in a storage area far away for little hands. A stray ball or a bump could send your favorite things crashing to the floor.
  2. Crawl On The Floor: The best way to know if your apartment is baby proof is to get on their level. By changing your perspective, you’ll see the things that the child will have at eye level. Secure cords that are plugged in so they don’t pull on them, cover sockets with plastic protectors, and move electronics with batteries out of reach. You’ll notice other areas that may need to be cleaned so you can rest easy when the child puts their hands in their mouth.
  3. Get Rid Of Small Pieces: Small children explore the world through their mouth. Our mouths contain a large number of sensory nerves that help kids identify their world around them. But, they don’t understand the dangers in swallowing non-food items. Infant Children to 5 are more likely to choke on a small object than older children. Board games and hair accessories are the perfect size for a child to swallow and choke on. Do a big sweep of the house and clean out under furniture to get rid of any hidden pieces of trash that can be choking hazards.
  4. Toy Area: Give the child a designated toy/play area. Make them feel at home with a little slice of the apartment to call their own. They can make a mess with the toys and everything is out of the way of the other living space areas. Give them easy access storage bins and floating book shelves to keep their things on. It’ll make them happy, which will make you happy.
  5. Secure Furniture: One of the most dangerous things for kids is falling furniture. Kids love to climb. They want to reach everything that they can’t, and so they decide to climb on things to get higher. Furniture wasn’t meant to be climbed on, which is why it can topple over, which would seriously injure the child. Fascen things down to prevent anything or anyone from getting broken.
  6. Harmful Chemicals: Make sure to lock up any cleaning or toiletry items that can be poisonous. Band the drawers together, or remove the hazardous material altogether. Convenience is not worth an emergency visit to the ER.

Kids are easy. Give them a safe zone to play in, and they will take care of the rest. All they need other than that is some love and encouragement. Let them learn and grow by making mistakes, as long as those risks don’t involve any major injuries. You’ll have a relaxed mind while the child roams around the house having a great time.

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