The Craziest Ways to Fill Out Your March Madness Bracket

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Even if you don’t know much about March Madness, you’ve probably heard of the bracket. Each year, sports fans make their best guesses as to who will advance toward the college basketball tournament finals – and who won’t. While you could make your picks logically, based on things like team performance and expert predictions, that just isn’t as fun as making a wild guess. If you’re going to make a wild guess, it might as well be a fun one, so try some of these crazy methods for filling out your March Madness bracket.

Going By Your Favorite Mascot

College basketball mascots–like mascots in any sport–can range from cute to just plain weird. With everything from jackrabbits to Spartans to… boilermakers, the conferences have a good mix of fun and playful mascots that represent their teams. Whatever your opinions on the various characters, use those thoughts to help guide your NCAA tourney picks. Bonus option: choose based on which mascots you think would win in a brawl against each other.

Copy Celebrity Brackets

Not a college basketball buff? Then you’ll probably be relying on the advice of others to guide your bracket decisions this season. While the smart option would be to go with picks from your sports buff friends or even more highly-qualified sports journalists and commentators, you could throw caution to the wind and go with what your favorite celebrities think of the Madness is this year.

Go Random

If you’re really at a loss for your bracket picks, you could always leave your decisions entirely up to Lady Luck. Flip a coin, pull names out of a hat, throws darts at the wall – whatever works for you! Be forewarned: this probably isn’t going to result in a winner bracket. But hey, yours is still going to end up being more successful than at least a few people’s picks.

Decide Based on College Football Performance

Perhaps basketball just isn’t your game. That’s fair. On the other hand, if you know your college football pretty well, you could just make your picks based on your feelings about the various football programs. Buckeyes fan? Show the Ohio State University a little love. Root for the Fighting Irish during the fall? Make Notre Dame one of your top picks.

Choose Academics Over Athletics

Can a university’s overall academic performance accurately predict its basketball players’ performances during March Madness/ Probably not, but it is an interesting way to make your picks. While the Ivy Leagues aren’t represented in this tournament, there are still some heavy-hitting (in an academic sense) schools that will play one another. Duke and Notre Dame are among the “smartest” schools that’ll be playing in the tournament.

Go Against Your Gut

Remember that episode of “Seinfeld” where George did everything opposite of what \he would normally do and ending up being incredibly successful? Maybe that’s what’ll happen if you decide to go against your gut and choose the teams you wouldn’t normally choose. This works even better if you have your last year’s bracket – just flip it inside out.

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