Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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Everyone loves saving money – especially on things that they use and buy every day. We all love food, and we all want to save what we can on food items. You don’t have to change the store that you shop at to keep more money in your pocket. Keep going to the same place that you know and love, and get better deals. Here’s how you can save money on groceries:

  1. Red Plum: Red Plum is a great tool for penny-pinchers, or moms on a budget! This circular is a packet of coupons and ads that come together twice a week that tell you about what sale items are around you at local stores. If you don’t have the time to cut paper coupons, then you can print off their online coupons to redeem at the counter.
  2. IBotta: This app is free to use, and you get money from buying the same things you’ve already purchased. Click the items that you purchased at the store, then take a picture of your receipt to verify, and viola! You have money in the bank. It may be as little as $0.25 per item, or it can be as much as $3 per item. Either way, money is money, and it’ll add up over time.
  3. Search the Circular: Find what’s on sale, and stick to the specials that are posted weekly. Make your grocery list form the circulars and try not to veer from it. It’s one of those times where you may have to eat more on sale hamburgers instead buying the full-priced chicken.
  4. Look Up and Down: The name brand items are typically located on the middle shelf at eye level. To get the same products at a better price, look up and down to see if there is a better deal. Peanut butter is peanut butter, so why pay an extra dollar or two for the same thing?
  5. Raincheck: Don’t forget to ask for a raincheck slip if you try to buy something that is on sale, but has sold out. The grocery store will still honor the sale price as long as you have the that raincheck slip. Whenever you get it, you’ll have to tell them exactly the number of things that you want to purchase. You can’t break up that number between different purchases. Whenever you redeem your raincheck price, then you’ll need to buy all of those items at the same time.
  6. Don’t Shop Hungry: It seems silly, but it’s so true – never shop hungry! You’ll be tempted to buy and eat everything in sight when you are shopping hungry, especially if you don’t have a list. Have a decent meal under your belt, and then hit the aisles to restock the fridge.
  7. Buy Fresh Foods: To keep costs down, buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only is it cheaper to buy produce that is in season, it also tastes better. When they are in their peak, the flavors are rich and keep fresh longer.
  8. Cut Your Own Fruit: Don’t waste money on convenience unless it’s absolutely necessary. You’ll pay two to three times more than what the fruit costs when bought wholesale. You’re only paying extra for the convenience of it being precut.

Everyone knows and loves using their loyalty card–those cards that the grocery stores give out which gives you extra deals on the store bought items. Use everything at your disposal to save a little more to give more to your family. You’ll have full bellies and fat wallets with these money-saving tips.

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