The Most Underrated and Creative Pizza Toppings

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Pizza is a classic food choice that everyone loves. Whether it’s deep dish, thin crust, or simply an extra large with all of your favorite toppings, pizza hits the spot when you crave it most. But everyone knows that it’s not just the pizza, but the toppings that make it delicious.

When you order pizza, there are plenty of different toppings to choose from. However, most people often just go for your normal choices of pepperoni or sausage, extra chest, and maybe some vegetables. If you’re in the mood, maybe you get extra creative and order a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapples.

While all of these toppings are great, there are plenty more to choose from. In fact, here are some of the most underrated and creative pizza toppings that are worth putting on your pie.

Ground Beef

PizzaThe idea of hamburger pizzas is growing, but still something that not many people have tried. If you love having a hamburger during a BBQ, then you’ll especially love a pizza with ground beef toppings. Throw on some cheddar cheese in addition to the traditional mozzarella and you’ll love this infusion of hamburger and pizza.

Fried Egg

Putting fried egg on your pizza is quite common in many cultures. Not only is fried egg tasty, but it also has some protein in it as well. Fried egg is certainly unique and creative, and you may just find it to be underrated after you try it.

Tip – What’s better than a pizza with fried egg? The obvious answer to that is a pizza with fried egg and bacon! Make the perfect breakfast pizza with eggs and bacon, which is tasty to enjoy any time of the day.

Sweet Potato

Another favorite in other cultures, especially in South Korea, is sweet potato on pizza. Sweet potatoes are quite healthy, which makes putting them on your pizza even more enjoyable. Not only are they healthy, but they add a dash of sweetness as well. You’ll really enjoy the mix of flavors that come from putting sweet potato on your next pizza.


So you can’t eat meat, but you still want to enjoy something more than cheese on your pizza. If this sounds like you, consider putting some tofu on your pizza. There are many different ways that you can prepare the tofu, all of which will add a unique taste to your pizza.


You’ve had all the tasty dinner pizzas, but now it’s time to really get creative. With this S’mores dessert pizza, you may not have enough to go around for the entire family. While it’s incredibly sweet, it’s also exquisitely tasty. To make S’mores pizza, add chocolate squares and graham crackers to a pizza crust covered with marshmallows. After 15 minutes at 350°, you’ll be able to bite into this amazing dessert pizza.

No matter what type of pizza you’re looking for, you can mix things up with new toppings. If you’re looking for something creative to try, consider the most underrated and creative pizza toppings mentioned here.

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