9 Essential Skills for Teens

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If you are a parent to a teen, you probably spend a lot of time trying to impart your wisdom on them. Some days it’s well-received…others not so much.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. As a parent, you’ve definitely “been there, done that” when you were a teen – and all you want to do is make sure that your child is well-prepared for what he/she will face. 

If you’re wondering what things you should be teaching your tee, here are a few skills to consider.

  1. Budgeting: If your teen still seems to think that money grows on trees, it’s definitely time for some budgeting lessons. Intuit Mint Life has some practical ways to teach your kids how to budget like a pro. This is a skill they need as they enter the working world or head off to college.
  2. Laundry: Ah, laundry! Does your teen have loads of dirty laundry in their room, on the floor, in their closet – just about everywhere? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for them to start doing their own laundry. Give them a few quick lessons on sorting and the basics of the washer and dryer and let them have at it. And, if your teen “forgets” how to do it, Your Teen Magazine has a great checklist you can hang in the laundry area with a few reminders.
  3. Cooking: Your teen cannot survive on microwave popcorn and takeout – no matter what they may believe. Let them start by cooking with you and then give them some simple recipes they can prepare for the whole family. Martha Stewart shares “13 Super Easy Meals Teens Can Make Themselves.”
  4. Social Skills: When your teen comes out of their room, are you greeted by some nods and maybe a grunt or two? It’s pretty common. But it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn some social skills. Raising Teens Today says there are “10 Important Social Skills Your Teen Needs to Learn Now” – and the list includes things such as making eye contact and making proper introductions.
  5. Manners: Going along with social skills, your teen should also learn good manners. You may think that teaching manners stopped when they were little, but it really doesn’t – it’s just that the lessons may change. Good table manners and writing thank you notes are all things that teens should know.
  6. Organizational Skills: If you have a teen who tends to be disorganized, you know how detrimental it can be. Homework might not get done. Items seem to go missing – and not be found. And let’s not even mention the chaos of a disorganized room. Luckily, there are many different tactics that can be used to teach organizational skills and Understood shares a few of their best tips.
  7. Personal Grooming/Hygiene: Personal grooming and hygiene can be a tough topic for parents to tackle with their teen – but sometimes it’s just got to be done. Very Well Family has some basic suggestions to get you started
  8. Household Cleaning: Yes, they need to know how to do household cleaning because future roommates or spouses don’t want to live with a slob. In fact, you probably don’t want to live with one either. Enlist them to help with chores around the house – especially keeping their own room clean. 
  9. Driving and Navigation: Even if they already have a driver’s license, they still need to practice their skills – especially in different driving conditions. Additionally, they need to learn how to navigate to different places. Let them drive you places – and share your words of wisdom along the way.

These are just a few of the skills that teens should learn. What would you add to this list? Which skills has your teen mastered already?

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