Famous Haunted Locations in New Jersey

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s understandable if you’re a little more on edge than normal. It’s that time of the season when you second guess shadows and hear things go bump in the night. But, what if something really is moving in the shadows and going bump in the night? According to some, New Jersey is full of haunted places – and we’re not talking about scary haunted house amusements. If you’re the least bit suspicious, steer clear of these supposedly haunted New Jersey locales.

Ringwood Manor, Stomping Ground for Revolutionary Soldiers

Ringwood Manor, located on 582 acres of land in Ringwood, would be anyone’s dream mansion, if only it weren’t haunted. According to legend, the house was built on land steeped in Native American legend. The original owner, Robert Erskine, headed up the American Iron Company and played a large part in the Revolutionary War as George Washington’s cartographer. Erskine was buried near a pond on the land in the 1700s, and visitors to the estate have seen his ghost staring out across the pond. Others have reported also seeing ghosts of French Revolutionary soldiers, as well as a friendlier ghost named Sally who greets guests as they arrive. The house is now a National Historic Landmark District. After all, what person would ever want to own it?

Scary HouseClinton Road, the Scariest Drive in New Jersey

By many accounts, a lot of strange stuff has gone on near Clinton Road in West Milford. The most popular tale is that of the ghost boy who stands guard at one of the bridges that crosses Clinton Brook, also known as Dead Man’s Curve. Tradition holds that you place a quarter in the middle of the road, which the boy will collect at midnight. But, make sure you watch out for the phantom cars that people have reported driving down the road at night. Sightings aren’t limited to ghosts – there have also been sightings of strange creatures roaming around the area, thought to be survivors of Jungle Habitat, a nearby safari park that closed down in the 1970s.

The Devil’s Tower, Haunted by the Wife of Its Builder

Not to be mistaken with the natural rock formation in Wyoming, this Devil’s Tower in Alpine is manmade and much more frightening. You need only look at a picture of the tall, brick structure to get a serious case of the the creeps. That’s not what makes the building so terrifying, though. Although not too much is known about the history of the tower, legend has it that a man named Manuel Rionda built it in the early 1900s for his wife, who later died after jumping–or being pushed–from the top of the tower. Apparently, her spirit haunts the tower to this day.

Pine Barrens, Home of the Jersey Devil

Not all places are necessarily haunted by ghosts. On paper, the Pine Barrens of South New Jersey sound idyllic: a one-million-acre National Reserve home to seven counties and plenty of natural forest. But, if you grew up in the Garden State, the reality is a little spookier than that. As any New Jerseyan knows, the Pine Barrens is where the Jersey Devil lives. For centuries, unfortunate settlers have spotted the creature, which is described as a mix between flying combination of a goat, kangaroo, and a bat. Even Joseph Bonaparte, brother of the famous Napoleon, reported seeing the creature. You might want to take your camping trip elsewhere!

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