Things to Think About When Considering a Career Change

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Things to Think About When Considering a Career Change

Many people consider changing careers during some point in their lives.  Maybe they’re not happy with the career they chose, or maybe they feel like there is no room for growth in their current field.  Either way, changing careers can be a daunting undertaking. If you’re currently not satisfied with your professional life, then you may want to consider a career change. If so, here are a few things to think about as you’re considering making your career move.

Do You Really Want to Change Careers?  

Before you start searching into different careers, ask yourself if it’s just the employer that you’re not satisfied with, or is it really the career that you dislike.  If you actually enjoy what you do at work, then may be that the environment is not right for you.  If this is the case, then look into changing employers before you look into an entire career change.  

Know Your Values

Before you decide on a career change, it is important to know what your values are.  Maybe you have been disconnected from your values which is causing you to be unsatisfied with your current job.  Ask yourself what you want out of your new career.  Are you interested in a career where you’ll be helping others?  Or would you rather have a career where there is more recognition?

Can Your Skills Be Transferred?

Changing careers can be intimidating and overwhelming if you are required to learn new skills.  You will need to ask yourself whether you have skills that you can transfer to another career.  For example, having experience as a manager opens doors to plenty of other careers.  If you have experience in sales, there are plenty of careers where your sales skills will be helpful.  Identifying your transferable skills is a good idea before you make that move.  

Do You Mind Going Back to the Bottom?

Changing careers may mean that you will have to start at the bottom of the ladder again.  In order to move up in the ladder, you will have to develop and practice new skills that show your competency.  

Is There Room for Growth?

Whether the career will allow you to grow is an important thing to consider.  It is important to know whether a career will hinder you from exploring new opportunities of developing professionally.  Having a career that allows you to advance is really important.  The last thing that anyone wants is to hit a dead-end in their career.  

Will You Be Able to Support Your Lifestyle?

Before making a career move, you will want to consider the salary.  Will the salary be sufficient to cover your expenses and lifestyle?  

What Companies Are You Interested In Working For?

Research the different companies that you would be interested in working for.  Find out what their missions are, and maybe even what their challenges are.  What skills can you offer them in order to help them overcome these challenges?  Also, what is the work environment like?  

Who Can Help You?

Now is the time to reconnect and reach out to others.  Do you know of anyone that is currently in the same field you are interested in?  If so, reach out to them and ask them about their work.  Learn as much about the field as you can. This will give you a better idea of whether this career is for you.  Now is also the time to read through many industry articles to find out everything that you’d want to know about the field.  

Now it’s time to gather all of your facts, and decide on whether or not you would like a career change. Take note of what exactly it is you’re unhappy with in your current career, and do your research on the career path you’d like to start. Consider things like salary, hierarchy, and a change in lifestyle if necessary. If you’ve considered all of these and still believe a career change is right for you, then it’s time to start job hunting!


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