The Do’s and Don’ts Of Playing Golf

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Etiquette and integrity are intertwined in the game of golf. If you are a newbie, then it can appear to be a snobby list of unwritten rules. In actuality, the code of ethics is there to provide a fair and fun game for everyone. There’s a certain touch of class that comes along with the game of golf. Most courses want to maintain their integrity as a respectable place, which is why they enforce their rules on everyone. That’s why there is a dress code and designated places to set bags. Here are a few pointers to fitting in at your new golf course.

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  1. Yell “Fore!”: After you take a swing, it’s courtesy to yell “fore!”, so that other golfers know to take cover. A small ball traveling at a high speed over a long distance can do some damage. The last thing anyone wants is to be struck by a fast moving golf ball. Golfers know that word means to get down fast, and they will.
  2. Arrive Before Tee Time: Tee Times are tightly scheduled to allow for the maximum amount of players to enjoy a round of golf. If you are late, then you’ll back up the entire day of golfing for everyone else. Also, you’re friends won’t enjoy standing around waiting for you receiving heat from other players.
  3. Change In The Locker Room: Any wardrobe changes need to happen out of sight. Golf courses know they have a strict dress code and have provided locker rooms to accomodate you. Change your shoes and socks, shirt, or shorts in the locker rooms instead of in the parking lot, on the course, or in the club house.
  4. Stand Back: As a fellow player measures up to take a swing at the tee, give them plenty of space and quiet so that they can concentrate. It’s rude to be absentmindedly standing in someone’s swing space.


  1. Bring Cellphones: No noise making devices should be on the course at all. If they are, then they should be turned off. A phone ringing while someone is taking a shot can ruin their putt. It’s so serious, that if you were at the Masters, they’d have you removed and banned from ever returning.
  2. Take Forever: The biggest complaint amongst other golfers is the amount of time on the course. It’s understood that you want to get the perfect shot, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to line up and complete your swing. Don’t waste other people time by not paying attention and chatting away.
  3. Step In Front Of A Putt: Golfers work hard at getting their ball to the green. As you carefully walk across the delicate grass to make your putt, be cautious not to step in front of someone else’s ball. The squished grass can change the way their putt moves.

Make the game fun for everyone by being aware of how you look and act around others. Keep your voice down while someone is about to swing, move the game along, and be on time. Simple acts of courtesy show respect for your fellow players and for the game. Happy golfing!

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