Meditation: Why, How to, Is it right for me

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Meditation sounds very Hipster and New Age, but it’s not. It’s an old practice that people are reviving because they recognize the value in it. It’s about taking time out of the day for you. Meditation puts an emphasis on you and your mental health. Every day we give little pieces of ourselves to our family, work, friends, and chores. Our work and house chores demand a lot of our time, energy, and brain power. Our friends and family need our emotional love and support, and after a while, all of this giving leaves us empty. We have some much that drains us, and meditating is one way of replenishing the pot. It puts a little more back in so that we can continue to give.

Meditation: Why, How to, Is it right for meHow To Meditate

Set aside time to not be around others or “do” anything. Maybe you only have 10 minutes, or maybe you can give yourself a little more time. Make a place in the house that is for the purpose of meditating. Make it comfortable and a place of relaxation for you. The main thing is to be still and avoid thinking on things. You’ve heard about the importance of “clearing your mind,” but what does that mean exactly? We can’t really turn our mind completely off, but we can stop trying to control it. Relinquish control for a while. Let your brain go, and stop trying to control the thought traffic/process. Let your mind ebb and flow as it wants to and give yourself the space to zone out.

It can be still and in your home, or it can be in the bath, or on a walk, whatever and wherever you feel at peace. You don’t have to sit with legs crossed in the way it’s traditionally portrayed. You should, however, be deliberate about letting go, and take deep breaths.

After having your meditative moment, give yourself some action items for the day. Tell yourself to be mindful of others while you go throughout your day. See other people and recognize the needs that they have. Give kindness to others and spread your peace wherever you can. Be present for activities and open up to listen to people. Listen to others with respect and the intent the hear them. Being present will deepen the relationships that you have and create a stronger connection to those that you care about.

Meditation Isn’t for Everyone

That sounds strange. Why wouldn’t it be for everyone? Some people have gone through traumatic experiences, and letting the mind wander with no control will eventually lead them back to those memories. It’s not healthy for someone to relive their traumatic experiences with no help. They shouldn’t let those instances continue to fester and inhibit their lives, either. The best course of action is to see a therapist to get more assistance in mental health. Once you have taken measures to heal from the trauma, then you can start to meditate on your own.

Everyone needs time to themselves. It’s important to break away when you need it to rest your mind and give some love back to yourself. Be open about what you need with those that are around you. The people that care about you, want you to be healthy and happy, and will support you however you need.

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