How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

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“Some people say that Friday is the end of the week, but for me, it’s only the beginning.

Happy Friday, and say “Hello” to the weekend.”  ― Anthony T. Hincks

weekend ideasAre you always looking forward to the weekend? And then do you find that it just goes by way too fast? That you didn’t get as much done as you should? Or, that you should have gotten more done than you did?

If you’re looking to make the most of your weekends, then try these tips. You may find that your weekends just keep getting better and better.

  • Have a Plan: While you may want to spend the weekend resting and relaxing, you may be better off with a plan. A plan can help you keep track of projects and things that need to be down around the house. It can help you schedule time with family and friends. It can allow you to keep track of the events you want to attend. 
  • But Don’t Overplan: Yes, a plan is useful and can help keep you organized, but you want to be sure not to overplan, too. If your weekend is overplanned, you could put unnecessary stress on yourself if you find that you are behind schedule or don’t get a chance to complete your tasks. It also doesn’t allow for impromptu plans that may crop up.
  • Keep a List of Ideas: Have you ever had a weekend where you were…bored? It’s hard to imagine, but it does happen. That’s why you might want to keep a list of ideas for your weekend. It could include home projects that you need or want to do, restaurants you’ve been wanting to try, or a new place you’re looking to explore. 
  • Schedule Relaxation: Scheduling relaxation is a great way to make sure your weekend is not all hustle and bustle. Whether it’s time for reading a book, watching a movie, or getting a massage – be sure you have some relaxation scheduled.
  • Check Others’ Schedules: Weekends are a prime time to get together with family and friends, but you can’t expect that their schedule is always going to match up with yours. If you’d like to get together with someone, be sure to check what their schedule looks like, too.
  • Resist Doing All of Your Chores: As tempting as it may be to do all of your chores on the weekend, it’s not very fun or relaxing. See if you can tackle a few of your chores during the week, so you don’t spend all weekend on home projects, cleaning or other things around the house.
  • Put Your Phone Down: If you’re attached to your phone all week for work, the weekend may be a great time to put it down – at least temporarily. Go put it in a drawer for a few hours and spend some quality time with friends or family, doing a project that requires your full attention, or just enjoying being free of your phone.
  • Leave Work Behind: If you feel like you’re at work even when you’re not at work, then you need to take a break and leave work behind. Like your phone, try not to think about work all weekend. If work requires your attention, plan a specific time to tackle it and then move on to other things.
  • Plan Your Upcoming Week: Do take a few minutes to look at your upcoming week. Planning things will help alleviate stress.
  • Don’t Worry About Monday: And last, but not least, don’t spend your weekend worrying about Monday. It will be here soon enough.

Are you ready to start enjoying your weekends just a little bit more? Hopefully, these tips will help you do just that. 

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