Best New Children’s Books of 2018

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Reading always has, and always will be, one of the best ways to travel and visit other places without leaving the couch. You can learn so much about different locations, history, and personal development all from books. Engage your child’s mind by giving them new books that they want to read to keep them hungry for more. Books and learning stop becoming fun when it’s a chore. If they choose something that interests them, what the fire in their eyes ignite. You’ll have a hard time getting them to put the books down. Here are the best new children’s books of 2018: 

  1. The 5 O’Clock Band: This short story takes you through a journey with Shorty, a young boy who plays the trombone in a New Orleans band. Show your kids the power of music, teach them about New Orleans culture, and what it means to be a leader with this bedtime story. This book is great for kids aged four and up.
  2. Bat and The Waiting Game: This children’s book is about a boy who is on the Autism spectrum. It goes through thoughts, feelings, and emotions and how to process them. It’s helpful for children who are on the spectrum, but it can also be enlightening for children who are not. It can give them understanding of their own thoughts and feelings, and help them be more understanding of other children who are autistic. This story is best for children aged five and above.
  3. Secret Sisters of the Salty Sea: This book is a story about two sisters who explore the seaside on an unforgettable beach trip. It’s a great book for children who are eight and up. You’ll learn about the ocean, the sea creatures, and how to get along with your family, all in one book.
  4. Elementals: Ice Wolves: This book has a sequel! It’s a beginner chapter book for older children ages nine and up. It’s a fantasy world where a brother and sister must work together to harness their powers to find their place in this new world. These two are shapeshifting twins, that will leave your kids spellbound.
  5. The Journey of Little Charlie: This one is more tense and speaks about harsh realities about growing up. It takes you through the saga of a young boy during the late 1800s. His father died, there’s no money, and he strikes a deal with a tough man in town. His conscience is conflicted. Will he survive? It’s a beginner chapter book for kids nine and above.
  6. Al Capone Throws Me A Curve: This is part of a series of Al Capone stories. You visit Al Capone and other dangerous criminals who are in Alcatraz. It’s a story about a boy named Moose who lives on the island where the prison is located. He is asked to watch over the prison for the warden, and things start to get interesting. These chapter books are great for kids eleven and above.

Make reading a daily habit for both you and the kids. If they see you reading, then they’ll want to imitate you and read more. The more literature they consume, the better they will do in school. Reading gives kids a strong foundation for the rest of their life. You can’t go wrong with these new children’s books of 2018!

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