6 Indoor Kids Play Date Ideas

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Kids need social interaction to learn how to communicate with others. Besides–everyone needs a friend, no matter what age you are! Get together with other moms who have kids in the same age range as your child. You can host the play date at your place, or you can go somewhere else indoors to keep out of the weather. Here are six great indoor kids play date ideas:

  1. Library Story Time: Reading becomes much more engaging when kids are in a group. It’s exciting to see other kids enjoying the same story. The storyteller changes the voices and acts out part of the story. The kids can ask questions and interject their own thoughts into the group to make storytime more fun. You’ll see your kid’s passion for books ignite with a storytime. It’s nice to have a buddy to go with to make the experience even more fun. If they are older, they can share books or read to each other after the storytime is over.
  2. Puppet Play: Find a local children’s puppet play that tells a familiar story. It’ll be fun to see their childhood story books come to life in a silly puppet show. If you can’t find one nearby, then create your own! Make sock puppets or buy puppets. Let your kids’ imagination run wild while they come up with their very own play. Let the kids play, while the adults catch up. The adults can watch the final production after the kids have figured out what they want their puppet show to be about.
  3. Ball Pit Party: Running and jumping around in a massive ball pit is fun regardless of what age you are. Take the kids to an indoor play area where they can get their energy out and play with one another. Ball pits, inflatables, and indoor play places are tons of fun for active kids. They’ll climb, slide, jump, and laugh with their friends. After an hour or so, they’ll be worn out and ready for a good nap.
  4. Dress Up: There’s nothing like the time old tradition of playing dress up. Pull out the old halloween costumes, capes, plastic crowns, and funny shoes to let your kids turn into someone new. They’ll have a blast transforming, and they’ll love pretending to be someone new. They can become anything that their imagination thinks up.
  5. Science Experiments: Research a few at-home science experiments that you can do. Give your kids the tools they need, and let them explore the world with some supervision. Pop mentos in coke bottles, pour vinegar on baking soda, or make slime. Encourage your kids to investigate the world around them so that they learn while playing.
  6. DIY Friendship Bracelets: Something that will never go out of fashion is the friendship bracelet. Get a few colored packs of string, beads, and clasps. Give your kids a table top, and let them make beautiful bracelets to give to each other to wear out and about.

Give your kids a focused activity to do while playing with their new friend. A simple ice-breaker can help the kids get to know one another better, making friends for life. Don’t force it if your child isn’t connecting with the other child. Invite other moms and kids along to give your child more friendship options.

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