What Apartment Wall Decorations Say About You

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From the moment people walk into your apartment, they can get a good idea of the kind of person you are. You might not think twice about your apartment wall decorations, but these are the first things that people see when they walk into your home. Therefore, it’s essential that you decorate your apartment in a way that will give off the vibe that you desire.

You may not realize it, but this is what apartment wall decorations say about you and the way you design your home.

The Designer

The designer is the person who takes time to plan out the decorations throughout their apartment. Everything is well organized and planned, making for cohesive flow from room to room. Designers are the creative type that can turn your otherwise cold apartment into a warm environment that you’ll love to call home. Not everyone is a designer naturally at heart, but luckily you can look online to get plenty of inspiration for making your apartment wall decorations look great.

The Indecisive One

Alternatively, the indecisive one is the person who can’t quite decide what they want the theme of their apartment to be. There may be decorations of one kind in the living room, only to have something completely different in the kitchen or dining area. An indecisive decorator can still make their apartment look great, but it likely won’t look as cohesive as those who take time to artfully design their space.

The Florist

Wall-DecorationsFlowers, flowers, and more flowers. Putting floral patterns on your wall is a common theme and one that will add some life to your apartment. Just make sure to avoid turning your apartment into a jungle, which can happen if things get out of hand. Floral patterns look nice as wall decorations, but you may do yourself a favor and be being modest with your designs.

The Inspired

Those that find themselves needing a little extra inspiration may want to consider hanging motivational quotes as wall decorations. No matter where you look in your apartment, you’ll find an inspiring poster that’ll keep pushing you towards your goals. These might make your apartment look more like a college dorm than a family home, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for if you just graduated and are looking to make your mark on the world.

The Diehard Fan

The diehard fan wants there to be no question who their favorite team is, as they’ll string out their allegiance throughout the apartment. From Fatheads of their favorite players to posters and autographed jerseys, the diehard fans knows how to turn their apartment into a sanctuary for their favorite team.

The Lazy One

With so much to choose from, there’s no reason to fall into this last category. And yet, far too often people leave their walls completely blank. Add at least a few decorations to your apartment walls, as being known as the indecisive one will always be better than being known as the lazy one.

You may not have realized it before, but use this insight to consider what your apartment wall decorations say about you and the type of person you are.

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