Top 5 Websites/Blogs For Fashion Lovers

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When being in style is a way of life, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of the fashion curve. Thanks to the internet, there are a host of resources available that help fashionistas continue to set trends. Whether it’s a hot website, the latest blog, or a growing social media presence, there are tons of places for fashion lovers of all types.

No matter what your style is, here are the top 5 websites and blogs for fashion lovers.

Fashion Toast

Since 2007, Fashion Toast has been innovating with blog posts and website content involving trendy new clothes and stylish models. Many in the fashion industry recognize the impact that Fashion Toast has had on a new brand of street culture, especially through linking to social media profiles like Instagram. Rumi Neely, the creator of the site, even started her own line of clothing called You And I to expand on her fashion influence.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is often recognized as one of the first blogs that started it all. The creator, Scott Schuman, is ranked as one of the Top 100 Design Influencers in the world by Time Magazine and his reach continues to grow. His website and blog is focused on style innovators in New York and Europe, with additional posts that Schuman finds relevant. His blog is often thought to be clean and concise, making it worthy of adding to your internet bookmarks.

Song Of Style

Fashion-ModelWith over 2 million Instagram followers, it’s no surprise that Aimee Song has a huge influence in fashion. Song Of Style is huge among street-style fashionistas and trendsetters. Song also has a YouTube channel worth subscribing to, in which she offers even more input with her fashionable sense.

Face Hunter

Even you can be featured on Face Hunter. That is, if you’re stylish enough and happen to be walking around one of the biggest cities in the world. Yvan Rodic is in charge of Face Hunter and is known for taking photos of everyday people, who just happen to be incredibly stylish, before posting to his blog. Because we can’t all dress like super models, it’s great to see this site focused at everyday fashion that looks great.

Fashion Beans

Dedicated to the men reading this, find your next great look at Fashion Beans. Being a fashionable man doesn’t have to be difficult, and your style will always make an impact with the guise of this site. From shoes that fit every look, to watches that you can wear to work and the gym, you’ll find everything you need for your “man-cessories” at Fashion Beans.

Whether you’re growing your social media page with envious followers, or you simply love looking your best at all times, being ahead of the style trends will help you always keep a fresh closet. No matter your style or the occasion, consider these resources as the top 5 websites and blogs for fashion lovers.

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