Tips for Visiting Disney in the Summer

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Disney is known as “the happiest place on Earth,” and with some amazing rides, fun characters, and lots of cool attractions, it just might very well be. But in the summer, Disney can be very crowded and extremely hot. 

disney castleThese two things don’t mean that you and your family can’t have a great time at Disney in the summer – it just means you need to be prepared. Use these tips to make your summer vacation at Disney just a bit more enjoyable.

Have a Plan

This is a must during the summertime. You want to make sure you’ve done some research before heading to the park. Know the rides that your children must ride and plan to hit them as soon as possible. Check out which rides have FastPass and use it throughout the day. Check for any special events that may be happening while you’re there. Any research you do before you arrive will save you time and trouble while you’re there.

Wear Sunscreen

The summer sun at Disney is incredible – so put on sunscreen before you arrive. And then be sure to re-apply throughout the day. Sunburn can definitely ruin your experience.

Bring Water Bottles

You can bring water bottles into Disney – so do so. There are water fountains located throughout the park, and you can ask for water and ice at any quick service or snack location that serves fountain soda – free of charge. 

Wear Light Clothes

With all of the walking you will be doing, you want to make sure you wear light clothes. Light in color and light in fabric weight. This will help you prevent from overheating.

Carry Cooling Towels

If you have some cooling towels, bring them with you. If you don’t have cooling towels, buy them. These are great for hot and humid days as you just submerge them in cold water, wring them out, and then place them around your neck for some relief. 

Take A Break During the Midday

Everyone knows that the midday sun is the hottest and strongest. If you can take a break during this time, try and do so. Maybe head back to your hotel for a swim at the pool or let the kids rest in the air conditioning. You can always head back to the park later in the day or the evening.

Take in the Shows

A great opportunity to get out of the sun is to take in a show. Be sure to check the show schedule (many of them run continuously) and take a rest while you enjoy some of Disney’s favorite characters.

Arrive Early

If you are staying at a Disney resort, every day one of the parks opens early for hotel guests. Take advantage of this extra time to hit some of the more popular rides before the park opens for non-resort guests.

Stay Late

On the opposite end of things, stay late when possible. Guests with younger children may have to head back to their hotels early in order to get children ready for bed, which means you can stay later and, hopefully, have some shorter waits for rides.

Make Dining Reservations

There are many sit-down restaurants located at Disney. These restaurants offer a great way to get out of the heat – and enjoy a meal. Lots of these restaurants have characters that show up during the main dining times – so it’s also an opportunity for your children to see some of the characters they love. Be sure to make reservations to ensure they have a table for you.

Snack on Cool Treats

And of course, grab a few cool treats throughout the day! The famous Dole Whip or a Mickey ice cream bar can help cool you down – and bring a smile to your child’s face.

If you’re heading to Disney this summer, put some of these tips into action. It will help you get the most out of your time there while you’re making memories with your family.

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