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Do you have a favorite cocktail that you tend to drink year-round? Or, do you like to switch things up? Maybe checking out current trends or what’s popular based on the season?

If you love to shift your drink choices around when the seasons change, then you’re probably a big fan of summer cocktails. Summer brings with it refreshing drinks – often containing fruits and herbs and lots of ice! Perfect for hot days and nights!

Not sure what you want to drink this summer? Here are a few suggestions that you might like!

  • Mojito Cocktail: Do you have some fresh mint growing in your windowsill, and you just don’t know what to do with it? A Mojito may be the answer! This rum cocktail is super refreshing and gives you a good reason to use that mortar and pestle that’s sitting in your cupboard.
  • Michelada: Bloody Marys are good, but in the summer, a Michelada is better. This spicy cocktail is made with beer, Clamato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and hot sauce. It has a lot of depth in flavor, and you can make it as spicy as you like it!
  • Gin Fizz: If you like a drink with lots of bubbles, then a Gin Fizz should be on your summer must-try list! It’s got an old-fashioned vibe to it, but it’s making a comeback, so look for it when you’re out or make it at home.
  • Perfect Strawberry Daiquiri: A Strawberry Daiquiri may be the quintessential summer drink – after all, it’s got one of summer’s favorite fruits, and it’s frozen – making it just about perfect! 
  • Classic Margarita: You don’t have to be having Mexican food for dinner in order to enjoy a Classic Margarita. And don’t buy any more of that premade margarita mix – just use this recipe!
  • Sparkling Citrus Sangria: Traditionally, sangria is made with red wine, but in the summer, if you want a lighter version, try this Sparkling Citrus Sangria. It has Moscato, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and all sorts of fresh sliced citrus fruits. Yum!
  • Frosé: If you didn’t jump on the Frosé bandwagon last summer, you still have time to do it this summer. You’ll love the sweetness from the strawberries, and it goes well with just about any protein.
  • Lemon Drop: Tart and refreshing and ideal for a hot day – it just doesn’t get much easier than a Lemon Drop!
  • Watermelon Mimosa: Sunday Brunch requires mimosas, and while the traditional one has orange juice, why go that route? This summer, serve up Watermelon Mimosas – it’s a combination of orange juice and watermelon – and it’s fabulous!
  • Sangria Slushie: Fans of a traditional sangria made with red wine will enjoy a Sangria Slushie in the summer. Frozen and fruity are always a good combo!
  • Bahama Mama: Would you like a taste of vacation while at home? Then make a Bahama Mama! You’ll think you’re on a tropical island when you taste this concoction.
  • Aperol Spritz: There’s not a bar or restaurant in Italy that doesn’t serve an Aperol Spritz. It’s not extremely sweet and makes for a great beverage any time of day.
  • Tequila Sunrise: If you like the combination of orange juice and tequila – with a splash of grenadine – then make a Tequila Sunrise. It looks beautiful – and tastes even better!
  • Sea Breeze Cocktail: Vodka is popular during the summer months, and a Sea Breeze Cocktail is a great combination of vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. 
  • Classic Moscow Mule: Moscow Mules continue to be popular, and with only three ingredients – they are easy to make! 

What is your go-to cocktail for summer? Is it one of these, or is there one that didn’t make the list that you love? No matter what you choose to drink this summer, may it cool you down on a hot day!

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