Saving Money On Your Electric This Holiday Season

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After a month of holiday cheer and excitement, it can be quite the shock when you get your electricity bill after all the commotion has died down. But with the lights on the tree, decorations running outside, and family members visiting throughout the season, there are plenty of additional reasons as to why your electricity bill will skyrocket during this time of year. The good news is that there are some changes you can make around the home to save money, without going Scrooge McDuck on the rest of the family.

Take control of your budget this winter by saving money on your electric this holiday season.

Know What To Expect

Heating and cooling costs fluctuate frequently, which can make it difficult to track exactly what you’re spending each month. However, take a look back at your previous month’s electric bills (or bills from last winter) to so see what sort of expectations should be in place during this time of year. Even though the costs may be higher than what you pay in the summer, it may give you the peace of mind you need if costs line up accordingly with this time last year.

Put The Lights On A Timer

Christmas-LightsThis is a great time of year, as there is nothing quite like decorative lights to set the mood for holiday cheer. While those lights around the tree or outside don’t cost a lot on their own, they sure do add up when combined over the course of the season. But since you don’t want to turn off your holiday decorations altogether, turn the lights on a timer to moderate when the run. A timer will help to keep costs at a feasible number, without running the lights when nobody is around to enjoy them. Automated timers throughout your home can help you save a lot on your bills this winter.

Invest In Energy Efficient Gifts

Looking to keep electricity costs down throughout the year? If so, invest in energy efficient gifts this holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; as you’ll love seeing how much money you’ll save each month. From new appliances in your kitchen to new energy efficient windows throughout, you’re going to love upgrading your apartment with these new considerations in mind.

Let Others Know

Your guests may not be considerate of your electricity costs, but that’s not to say they are doing it on purpose. If you are having guests over this holiday season, be sure to kindly remind them of your electricity saving goals. When everyone is helping, it’s much easier to save money during this otherwise busy time of year.

Use these tips for saving money on your electric this holiday season and you’ll have a bit extra to spend on gifts for the loved ones you care for most.

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