Interesting Facts About Woolwich Township

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Woolwich Township is a growing area that is located in the western part of New Jersey. Over the last decade, Woolwich Township has seen an increase in population of over 230%, showing just how much people are flocking to this attractive part of the beautiful state of New Jersey.

Formed as a township in 1767, Woolwich Township has had it’s fair share of history over the years. Here are some interesting facts about Woolwich Township, showing just how unique this quaint little town can be.

Ranks In Comparison To Other Areas In New Jersey 

In comparison to other places in New Jersey, Woolwich Township really excels in terms of offering a welcoming place for people to call home. With a total size of 21.227 square miles, Woolwich Township ranks as the 132nd largest area in the state of New Jersey. However, because it ranks 444th with just over 11,000 residents, visitors will still get that small town feel that makes Woolwich Township feel like home.

New-JerseyDemographics For Woolwich Township

Woolwich Township is a place that your entire family can call home, as the average household is just over 3 people. When your family moves to Woolwich Township, you’ll have plenty of things to do, and plenty of people to do it with. And since it’s such a close-knit community, you’ll develop lasting bonds with the people that you meet here – whether you’re here for an extended period or if you are just visiting.

In Woolwich Township, the average income for a household is nearly $85,000. There are plenty of jobs that bring people to Woolwich Township, with rates that are considered high to other cities across the nation.

In 2005, the Philadelphia Inquirer named Woolwich Township as the, “Number 1 Area Boomtown”. Since then, the areas has shown record growth in people moving to the area, as well as companies offering jobs as a way to entice economic growth in Woolwich Township.

Schools And Education

Education is invaluable to the citizens of Woolwich Township. They offer the Swedesboro-Woolwich School District, which combines both townships. By combining both areas into one school, the students in this area are sure to get a comprehensive education with plenty of competition amongst their peers. With so many great universities located in New Jersey, Woolwich Township offers the great place to start an educational career for your children.

Did You Know…

Did you know that Woolwich Township was one of the first 104 townships in all of New Jersey? In 1798, New Jersey Legislature passed an Act that recognized Woolwich Township as one of the first developing areas in New Jersey.

Whether you are just coming for a visit or you plan to stay a while, Woolwich Township welcomes you. Full of history and close enough to the modern necessities of today, Woolwich Township is the perfect place for your family. And with such a historic and welcoming atmosphere, there is no telling what memories you will walk away with from Woolwich Township.

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