How To Keep Your Fruit From Going Bad

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With all of the money that you spend on fresh fruits and produce, it only makes sense that you’ll want your food to last as long as possible. And yet, far too often it seems like our freshest foods go bad the quickest.

To add some days of life to your favorite fruits, here are some tips for making them last longer.

Know What Fruits Belong Where

Different fruits require different types of storage. For example, some of your fruits may need to be left on the counter, while others need to be placed in the refrigerator as soon as you get them home from the store. Make sure that you know which fruits belong where and you can avoid short lifespans.

Fruit-BasketKnow When To Wash And Cut

Many people think that they should wash their fruits as soon as they get home from the grocery store. That’s not the case. Instead, washing your fruits in water could result in the growth of mold on the fruit while in the fridge. Instead, keep your fruits stored securely and wash them only as you are ready to eat them.

This is also the same with cutting, as well. Fruits will last longer if their outer skin is intact. But by cutting into them, you will lose a lot of that freshness very quickly.

Get Help From Herbs And Leafs

By putting your fruits in with certain herbs and leafs, you’ll be able to keep them lasting longer. This works the same as it does with flowers, as the herbs and leafs put off oxygen that helps keep the fruits lasting longer.

Avoid Leaving Other Items Close To Your Fruit

Other items close to your fruit can limit their lifespan. One quick way you’ll notice this is with apples. If you have one bad apple around a bunch of healthy ones, the latter will quickly deteriorate. That’s why it’s important to have your fruits surrounded by other healthy foods.

Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

When putting your fruits in the refrigerator, make sure it’s clean. A dirty fridge that has old food or residue built up will severely limit the lifespan of fresh fruit. By keeping things clean, you’ll notice your fruit lasts much longer.

Tip – Also avoid overstocking your fridge. By having too many things inside, it limits oxygen movement. You can avoid this with limiting the amount of items you have in your fridge.

Consistent Temperatures

Your fridge should also maintain consistent temperatures, as well. By keeping everything consistent, you will limit the chances of shocking your fruits with drastic temperature changes.

Other Helpful Products

Finally, consider any other items you may want to use to keep your fruits lasting longer. One item that you may want to consider is an Ethylene gas absorber. Ethylene gas is what causes your fruit to go off, and an absorbent will help to extend their life. There are other inventions that are specific to for avoiding your fruit from going off. Consider how investing in them can help you save money in the long run with more healthy and longer lasting fruits.

If you want to keep your fruits lasting longer, consider the tips on this list to keep them from going bad.

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