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Valentine’s Day occurs each year on February 14th. It’s a day steeped in tradition, but nowadays it often brings to mind Cupid, red roses, romantic dinners, and boxes of chocolate. And, of course, the exchanging of Valentines. 

While you may head to the local store to pick up a card for your loved one, children often have to give valentines to their entire class. With so many Valentines to give, why not help the kids make their own? It’s a great project for a cold day, and there are many ideas available for some cute Valentines.

  • Cutie Valentine Printable: This is an easy Valentine – and a healthy one! Pick up some “Cuties” (those easy to peel clementines) at your local grocery store. Let your child place the oranges in cellophane bags and then work together to attach the cute tag and a ribbon.
  • DIY Fishbowl Valentine Printable: Here’s another cute one! Just print out the adorable fishbowl, pick up some cellophane, ribbon, and Goldfish crackers. A great play on words and a delicious snack!
  • Magical Unicorn Valentine: Unicorns are all the rage right now, and that means that unicorn Valentines are sure to be a hit. Print this Valentine on some card stock, have your child sign it and insert the cool lollipop for the unicorn’s horn. Need to find the lollipops? Here are mini ones that will work perfectly for this project!
  • ABC Valentine: This is a great Valentine for pre-schoolers or kindergarten students who are working on learning their ABCs. There are several different printables to choose from and then just add foil-covered chocolates. 
  • Kids Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable (You’re All Write): With allergies and schools having rules in place which may disallow homemade treats, these pencil Valentines make for a Valentine that’s perfect for all kids.
  • Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Card: A Valentine that’s also a game? Yes! Print out these Valentine’s Day tic tac toe boards, insert two different colors of M&Ms, and place them in a Ziploc bag for easy giving. Kids will love these – and they can always replace their M&Ms with other candy once they eat their treats!
  • “You’re Exstraw Special” Easy Printable Valentine’s Day Card: Here’s another Valentine that is a great play on words and wonderful for giving to those with allergies! And if you’re looking out for the environment, try these paper straws
  • Heart Balloon + Washi Tape Valentines: Another great Valentine that doesn’t involve sweet treats is this balloon one! Just tape a heart-shaped balloon to your card stock and write a cute message. You could even tape a few balloons to the card when you buy this 100-piece pack of balloons.
  • Glow Stick Valentines: Kids love glow sticks, and you can usually pick them up at your local dollar store, craft store, or discount store – which makes this a super quick Valentine to put together if you’re short on time.
  • Kids Valentine’s Candy Huggers: Here’s another Valentine that has you using foil covered chocolate hearts. The cute little animals are hugging the chocolates, and you can have your child write a short message to their classmates.

If you have some spare time or looking for a project to do with your children on a cold winter’s day, why not make homemade Valentines this year? These are some simple but sweet Valentines that children will love. 

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