Chilis Are Perfect for Fall

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Do you find that what you cook changes depending on the season? Do you eat lighter dishes in the spring to take advantage of the fresh vegetables that are suddenly available? Do you spend your summer grilling because of the nice weather? In the winter, do you gravitate towards cozy casseroles? And what about the fall?

Fall probably has you thinking of warmer dishes, and there is nothing better than a bowl of chili. Chili is hearty and flavorful, and there are many variations available – making it a great dish to make at home. It’s also great for a crowd – perfect for football games or a family get-together. Here are some delicious chili recipes for you to try this autumn!

  • The Best Classic Chili: If a classic chili is supposed to have lots of ground beef, beans, and a variety of spices, then this definitely fits the bill. Chili powder, cumin, and black and red pepper help bring all the flavor.  And if you want it a bit spicier add a touch more red pepper or even some drops of Tabasco sauce to kick it up.
  • Classic Lone Star Beef Chili: Here’s something you may not know – Texas chili does not contain beans. In Texas, chili is all about the meat. So if you’re not a fan of beans, you might be a fan of Texas chili and this recipe in particular. Green chiles, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cumin, cayenne, chili powder and even beer help to add tons of flavor. 
  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Chili: Looking for a variation on the traditional chili? How about making a pulled pork chili that has a slight barbecue flavor to it? This one is easy to throw together as you make it all in your slow cooker. Start it before you leave for work, and you’ll come home to a tasty dinner!
  • White Chicken Chili: White Chicken Chili has been growing in popularity over the years, and there are many great recipes available if you want to make it at home. This recipe gives you several options for preparation – stovetop, slow cooker, and Instant Pot – so you can choose your favorite cooking vessel. 
  • New Mexico Chile Verde: If you’ve ever visited New Mexico, you know that green chiles are an essential part of the cuisine – so, it only makes sense that they have a delicious green chili recipe. With three different types of chile peppers, tomatillos, cilantro, and lots of other delicious ingredients, you’ll be putting this recipe into your chili rotation.
  • Best Ever Vegan Chili: Whether you follow a vegan diet, have friends or family who do, or you’ve just been trying to incorporate some vegan recipes into your cooking, you’re going to like this vegan chili. Full of beans, vegetables, and a few unexpected ingredients, this chili has all of the flavors you expect from a warm and hearty bowl of chili.
  • Can’t-Believe-It’s-Vegetarian Chili: Finally, if you want a vegetarian option for your chili, try this one. The flavor comes from lots of spices, and lentils and kidney beans make it very hearty. 

Don’t forget to serve your chili with all of your favorite toppings. Jalapeños, sour cream, shredded cheese, diced onion, avocado, oyster crackers, or a beautiful homemade cornbread all go well with this fall favorite. 

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