Best Shows Streaming On Amazon Prime Right Now

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While Netflix beat Amazon to the streaming game, the world’s biggest e-commerce site has a video selection that’s nothing to sneeze at. And with Amazon successfully testing the waters with its own original programming, the company has become a definite rival to Netflix. When it comes to streaming TV, the Amazon marketplace is big, so you’re going to need some help. Here are some of the best shows you can watch on Amazon Prime right now.


“Transparent” was Amazon’s first critical hit, proving that the online store has a stake in the future of online video. The show, which has garnered both Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, follows a Los Angeles family as they deal with the recent announcement that their father is transgender. While the show deals with big issues, it’s billed as a comedy, and critics have been quick to point to its great writing and cast as the show’s winning points.

The Americans

If you prefer your thrillers to be of the espionage type, “The Americans” is the show for you. The show follows a family of Russian spies living in Cold War suburban American. It sounds like a preposterous premise, and while many other TV thrillers are campy, full of bad acting, and poorly written, “The Americans” flips the script by staying grounded.   

Mozart in the Jungle

Couple-Watching-TVIf you watch a lot of television, pretty soon, you start to find that a lot of shows are similar. If you’re tired of watching the same old cop shows, it’s time to find a series that covers new ground. “Mozart in the Jungle,” a dramedy that follows the inner workings of the New York Symphony, might just be that show. Have you ever watched a show about a symphonic band? Better yet, has there ever been a show about a symphonic band? “Mozart” is a bit different, and accordingly, it’s gotten the good reviews to prove it.

The Man in the High Castle

Another Amazon Prime original series, “The Man in the High Castle” is an adaptation of renowned sci-author Philip K. Dick’s beloved novel. The show takes place shortly after World War II, with a major twist: the Axis won. Along with some sci-fi twists that haven’t fully revealed themselves yet, the show shows a lot of promise. The alternate world it shows in its first season is worth the price of admission alone.

Sesame Street

Many of the best shows on Amazon Prime aren’t exactly family-friendly. While “The Americans” makes for great late-night binge-watching, it isn’t something you’d feel comfortable letting the kids watch. Thankfully, Amazon Prime has a good selection of children’s shows that you can enjoy with the whole family. That includes “Sesame Street,” considered by many to be one of the most educational and best all-around kid’s shows.

This isn’t close to everything Amazon has to offer. And while there’s a huge selection of TV and movies to choose from, a Prime subscription has tons of other perks, such as free shipping and the ability to borrow books through its Kindle market. If you aren’t a Prime subscriber, you might want to sign up for all these benefits, although it’s probably worth it based on the shows alone!

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