10 Learning Websites for Your Children

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Did your children come home chanting, “No more teachers, no more books…” at the end of the school year? Are they ready for a break from learning and just want to have fun this summer? But, are you as their parent, wanting to keep their minds active and focused on learning just a little bit? Fun and learning are both possible this summer.

Today you can find hundreds of excellent websites that are entertaining and educational for children – which is the best of both worlds. Not sure where to start? Here are some popular websites that all of you will like.

  1. learning websiteFun Brain: Fun Brain has games, books, and videos aimed towards children in grades pre-K to 8. Is your child curious about coral reefs? He can watch a video and learn all about it. Does your child need to work on some math basics? How about Math Baseball? This site is popular with teachers, and your kids will find lots of fun activities here.
  2. CoolMath: CoolMath has math for everyone – from simple addition and subtraction to pre-calculus. The CoolMath website provides some simple lessons to help your child, and then they can head to CoolMathGames.com to play games that allow children to practice what they’ve learned. 
  3. The Kidz Page: Filled with puzzles, learning games, coloring pages, and much more, your kids will find lots to do here. The Kidz Page also has a great selection of resources for holidays – so be sure to check that out.
  4. Learning Games for Kids: The name says it all – a website filled with games on a wide variety of subjects. Kids can learn about the 50 states, play alphabet games and even play literature games based on classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Wuthering Heights.” Let your children explore this site and find games that spark their interest.
  5. PBS Kids: The Public Broadcasting System brings young children a great selection of games based on their popular children’s shows. Your kids will love playing games online with Arthur, Curious George, and other favorite characters!
  6. Storyline Online: This amazing website features famous people reading popular children’s books along with some awesome illustrations. New books are added regularly, and children will love having someone read to them. Don’t forget to take a look at the activity guides if you want to take storytime a step further.
  7. Turtle Diary: Turtle Diary has games, puzzles, and videos that allow your child to play and practice what they’re learning. Geared for pre-K to grade 5, this is a great site for children who may need some remediation or for those who are looking to challenge themselves and learn new things.
  8. Fuel the Brain: Another site that is popular with teachers, Fuel the Brain has mini-books, games and more. They even have some great printables if you’re heading out on a car trip!
  9. Highlights Kids: Do you remember Highlights magazine from your childhood? Now your children can check out the Highlight Kids website. There are games like Hidden Pictures and Art Play, along with podcasts and educational videos.
  10. Code Academy: If you have children who are interested in coding, have them take a look at Code Academy. This website teaches beginning coding through games and activities that are fun and simple to understand. 


When a rainy day comes along or your child exclaims, “I’m bored,” direct them to one of these websites. They’ll help to make learning fun and enjoyable.

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