Pros and Cons Of A Personal Apartment Garage

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You’ve found your dream apartment in an ideal location. Now you have to think about all of the other little details about living. Parking is always a hassle, and you want a guaranteed spot. You’re settling in, and you’re considering upgrading to a personal garage. There are plenty of benefits that come with having your own garage, but there are some cons to consider, too.


  1. Full Protection: You won’t have to worry about what the weather will do to your car, because it will be completely protected. Hail? Bring it on. Strong winds? No worries. Your vehicle will be protected in rain or shine with a full garage. Plus, the paint job will be protected from the general wear and tear that the elements do to a car. You can save money on touch ups and constant wax jobs, and won’t have to worry about dings from folks opening their car door and letting it bump into yours. No more squeezing in your car if someone parks too close to you! You’ll have all the protection from the weather as well as accidents from neighbors.
  2. Temperature Control: The garage isn’t completely air controlled, but it does help regulate from the extremes that the weather can bring. During those cold winter months, you won’t have to brace yourself to brush the snow off of your vehicle, only to jump in the car and have to wait for it to warm up. Same for the summer. It’s blazing, and the car can be dangerously hot, especially if you have small children or elderly folks riding in the car. The garage will provide some relief from those extremes, so you don’t have to wait for the A/C to kick in, or the engine to warm up.
  3. Extra Storage Space: Space is the number one most coveted thing in homes. We all want more space to store our things. Especially in apartments where space is even more limited. Having a garage can easily double or triple your storage space. Set up a garage shelving unit, and stack as many boxes as it can hold. You’ll have more space for Christmas decorations, Halloween, and other special occasions.


  1. Cost: It is more expensive than having a regular parking space. They come with a cost because there aren’t as many of them, and they do offer a lot of benefits like the extra space. It’s a cost that you should consider. You’re going to be paying for parking anyways, so see if it’s in the budget to spend a little more to get a better deal.
  2. Limited Space: Most families have two cars, if not more. Usually, attached garages are designed to house one vehicle at a time. Either you’ll need to decide which car will reside in the garage, or you’ll agree to switch off depending on who needs it most. It will usually go to the partner who is caring for children or elderly. It’s a safe location to load everyone in, and easier to manage with the weather.

With your own personal garage, you’ll never have to wonder if there will be a space near the door. You can unload groceries easily, and save extra time by not walking across the parking lot. Plus, it’s much safer for kids and the car itself. See if it’s in the budget, and talk to your leasing office today to see if there are available spots in your building.

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