Fast & Effective Workouts That You Can Do Without A Gym

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You don’t need to have hours of free time to get fit. Take 15 minutes every morning and do a small routine to keep your muscles strong. Generally, men struggle with flexibility and leg strength, and women struggle with upper body strength. Don’t avoid the thing that you aren’t good at. Work your weakness, and stick with a plan so that you can see measurable results. 

  1. Abs
    1. V-Up’s: We all know what crunches are, but V-ups add in a extra punch. As you sit up, raise your legs at the same time. You want to touch your toes as you complete your crunch. Bring your arms and legs back down to the flood in a controlled manner, and raise them back up at the same time again. This is a quick way to work every abdominal muscle. It also challenges your balance, flexibility and coordination.
    2. Leg Raises: Lay flat on your back, and have your hands out by your side on the floor. Keeping your feet together, pick your feet off the floor about 6 inches. Raise your legs together to about 60 degrees off the floor. Lower them again, but don’t let them touch the floor. Keep going for sets of 10. As you advance, make them sets of 15.
    3. Vertical Crunches: Bring your feet up so that your soles are parallel to the ceiling. Raise your arms, and pick your shoulder blades off the floor to try to touch your toes. Keep your legs locked out with straight knees and flexed feet. You’ll feel this burn fast in your upper abs.
    4. Russian Twists: This is great for the obliques. Sit on the floor, and raise your feet about 6 inches. Keeping your feet off the floor, rotate and touch the floor with both hands next to your hips. If you want an extra challenge, hold a weight and touch the floor with it.
  2. Legs
    1. Lunges: Lunges are excellent for the glutes. Step forward and bring your back knee to the floor. The front leg should have the shin perpendicular to the floor. Drive through the heel on the ground to stand.
    2. Squats: With wide feet, send your hips back first, and descend to a seated position. Keep your chest high by raising your arms as you go down. You want to have your hip crease and your knee be at the same level. For an extra boost, take 3-4 seconds on your descent and shoot up to complete the squat.
    3. Glute Bridges: Lay on your back, and bring your heels as close to your backside as possible. Shoot your hips up to the ceiling, keeping your feet, arms, and shoulders on the floor. You should have a sharp diagonal line in your torso.  
  3. Chest/Back
    1. Push Ups: Start in a plank position with your hands on the floor. You want to keep your arms close to the body, with the elbows pointing towards your feet. Lower yourself down to the floor, and press out.
    2. Superman: Lay on the floor face down. Raise your arms and legs off the floor at the same time. Keep them as high as you possibly can, and hold this position for 30 seconds at a time.
    3. Handstands: You can lean against a wall, or you can do this free. With a tight core, hold yourself upside down with your arms locked out for 30 seconds at a time. For an extra challenge, try and touch your shoulder with the opposite hand.

Do a few of each movement every day, and you will see results within a week. You can increase the number of reps as you go. Make sure to write it down so you can see the progression as you get stronger. Doing these body weight movements are simple and easy things that you can do anywhere at any time.

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