5 Weekend Warrior Projects for Fall

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Who doesn’t love to hear, “Where did you get that? I love it!” It’s even sweeter when you get to reply with, “I made it!” Weekend warrior projects can be quick changes that make a huge impact on the style and design of the room. Any skill level craftsman can do a weekend project to transform the home into a new space.

  1. Refinish Furniture: Do you have old furniture that needs a little TLC? Tackle your design project over the weekend to update an old piece of furniture. The dated style can be brought into this decade with a little inspiration. Figure out what style you want to use for your piece, and go to town. You can remove the varnish, paint it, distress it, sand it, or refinish the piece by adding in new hardware. Cover the table top with a wallpaper print that you love, or make it mid century modern by adding funky legs to the ends. Do some research online to see what direction you want to go, and give your hand a try at refinishing it. The best part is that you can’t mess up. The worst that happens is that you need to sand it down again or repaint it.
  2. Mount Collage of Pictures: Picture collages are a great way to show off your personal style. Creating a collage takes planning, buying frames, measuring, and then hanging them on your favorite wall. The collage style with various size and design frames is very popular. It becomes an artwork in and of itself. Find a common theme among your pictures, print them out, and put them in the frames. Then lay out your frames on the floor or a table top to figure out the placement. Start by hanging the center picture, and move outward.
  3. Create a Window Garden: Adding greenery to your window or patio space is easy with a little planter garden. You can make your own planters by finding reclaimed wood. Nail it together, line it with plastic, and punch some holes in the bottom to let water drain. Fill your new planter with soil, and plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, or succulents.
  4. Chalkboard for Kids: Get a large piece of particle board and prime the wood by sanding and painting. Then, buy chalkboard paint and apply several layers to the board. Once it’s dry, you can add a wood trim border and paint it with your child’s favorite color. They’ll have hours of fun drawing or learning how to write their letters with their own chalkboard.
  5. Make a Headboard: Another great way to use reclaimed wood is by creating your own headboard. Bring a rustic feel to your bedroom by distressing the wood, using a chalk paint, and fitting different sized pieces together. It’ll add tons of dimension to the room, and turn your mattress into a cozy bed.

Once you start creating, you’ll have a hard time stopping. Make a storage container into a comfy ottoman, or make a bookshelf that matches everything in the room. Whatever you can think of, chances are that you can make it. Save money, and add a touch of your own creativity to the room by DIYing little projects throughout your apartment.

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