What To Put in the Perfect Care Package

As you get older, the people that you love are taken in many different directions across the globe. It can be hard missing your friend, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t show that you care. You can also use these tips for creating a care package for military personnel overseas, homeless care packages, and FEMA relief packages.

  1. perfect care packageHandwritten Letter: First and foremost, you want to include a handwritten note. It adds a personal touch that is unmatched to any gift. You’re kind words will express your love and care in ways that gifts can’t. They’ll continue to use your care package, and remember the sweet words that you shared with them. Tell them why you choose each thing that you did, and why they mean so much to you.
  2. Something To Look At: Give them a picture. It can be of yourself, a favorite memory that you share with them, or it can be of you both. It’s nice to be framed, but if you’re low on space, it doesn’t have to be framed. We are visual creatures, and our minds aren’t great cameras. Remind them of great times past by sharing a photo.
  3. Something To Read: Send them something to read that reminds you of them. Send them a favorite book, a magazine that they love, or even a picture with a funny catchphrase. It’s nice to have something to keep your mind occupied, as well as give you both something that you share together. Having something to read comes in handy on long travel trips, and in moments when they miss home.
  4. Something To Smell: Share something scented with your friend. It can be something reminiscent of home, a calming fragrance, or a favorite scent of theirs. It can come in many different forms: candles, potpourri, deodorant, perfumes, essential oils, and others. Smell is the strongest trigger our brain has for memory. Sharing a scent will transport your friend to their favorite places with one sniff.
  5. Something To Use: Give your friend a practical gift that they can use daily and think of you. Think about their habits, and what could be useful to them. Typically someone traveling needs something compact to tote around. Gift a small journal to record their adventures, a personalized coffee mug, pens, or a wallet. They will pull out their gift to use and think of you and your love. It’ll be a sweet daily reminder that they are loved no matter how far the distance.
  6. Something To Eat: A taste of home is always a welcomed treat. There are certain foods that you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s a nice surprise to see your favorite home candies in the package. Send your friend their favorite candy, dry food snack, or other non-perishables in the box.

Showing someone that you care is more than enough of a gift. It’s less about the objects inside, and more about the kindness that went into creating the package. Use your creativity to personalize the gift for the person receiving it. It’ll be fun creating, and a nice surprise for your recipient.

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